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Do you invest in cryptocurrency ?

by macadoum on Sep 28, 2021 5:00am to crypto investment money comments(3)
I invested in various cryptocurrencies, principally in BAT (the Brave crypto(~1700 units)), ETC (Ethereum classic, ethereum's integrists(~110 units)), CHSB (the Swissborg token(~2200 units)) and XEC ( eCash, a BCH fork(~5000000 units)

I use Binance, Swissborg and CoinEx for buying crypto, I don't understand Metamask and swaps enough to risk my money there.

I am in cryptos in the hope of making easy money, like tons of others people, haha, not believing in cypherpunk principles ( should I?)

And you ? What cryptos do you own ?
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  • by peaches on Sep 28, 2021 9:00am
    I have 10,000 xPEACH token. In all seriousness, my French Flambé, I would not give your amounts out due to the hack hack gaining interest. Know what me say?
    • by macadoum on Sep 28, 2021 4:21pm
      Done my friend.
  • by iloveny123 on Sep 30, 2021 9:49pm link link#