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The Matt Spam Event

by stink on Aug 24, 2021 9:46am to spam matt comments(1)
Someone spammed us pretty good. It looks like it started with about 20 manual comments here:


And then it looks like he wrote a script to drop 4400 comments here:


And then he wrote a script that created about 800 posts. This currently starts on page 177 and goes to page 136.

Then he stepped it up one more notch and started creating random users with 1 post and a handful of comments. This one amounts to about 2500 users, 2500 posts and about 15,000 more comments.

Decent job whoever you are!

Anyway, new tools will be put in place to bypass this large spam chunk. In the meantime, please use locked view mode and you can jump to the non-spam content using the above page links.
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  • by m15o on Aug 24, 2021 8:48pm
    I'm really impressed by the system you've put in place, stink! Locked view mode works perfectly.