Peaches 'n' Stink

Instruction Manual

What is Peaches 'n' Stink?

Peaches 'n' Stink is a privacy-oriented, non-engagement, self-moderated, distributed link aggregation internet forum. Users can write posts and nested comments. You can only see posts and comments from those users that you follow. It does not include any admin tools or traditional moderation tools.


Posts are the main way to submit content. All topics are allowed (unless illegal). You must be logged in to create a post. Use new post in the site navigation to go to the create post form. Posts have a title, link, content and a group. Only title is required. The home page displays all posts from all users.

There are four ways to sort posts. These sorting options are available at the top of the home page, at the top of group pages (e.g. r/meta), and when using the /posts API call. Here is a description of each sorting option:


You can write comments on posts and other comments. You must be logged in to create a comment. If you're logged in, then there's a comment form at the top of each post and comment page, and there are "reply" links below each comment.


The inbox shows all comments that have been made directly on your posts and comments.


These are the available formatting rules for posts and comments:


When you create a post you can add it to a group (this is optional). Each group has its own page with all of its posts. For example, the meta group. Groups display to the right of the post time for each post; click these links to go to the group's page!

Private Groups

By default, all posts and comments are public. But with private groups, you can use Peaches 'n' Stink privately with your friends, family and peers. Private groups use the same mechanism as "normal" groups and can be mixed with them.

In order to create a private group you must log in and go to groups settings. On this page you can create new private groups, see all your created private groups, and see all the other private groups you're a part of. For each of your created private groups, there is a settings link where you can add and remove users.

All private groups must start with "p-", for example, "p-cheese". When you first create a private group it must be empty of posts. Private groups attached to posts cannot be edited like normal groups. It is possible to use multiple private groups on the same post. Posts and comments from private groups will properly show and hide throughout the entire site. For example, posts from your private groups will appear on the home page. Posts and comments for private groups are currently stored in the database the same way as normal groups - in other words, private groups content is not currently encrypted or anything like that.

Action Groups

There are special groups called action groups. When you use one of these groups on your post, it will trigger a specific action outside of your post. Any data that the action requires is placed in the post content. Here are the currently available actions:


On the right side of usernames there is a plus or minus button. You can follow the respective user with the plus button. The minus button unfollows. You can only see posts and comments that have been posted by users that you're following. You can manage who you're following by using following in the site navigation (if you're logged in).


You can access the settings in the site navigation. You can use the settings even if you're logged out. If you are logged in, then there are two additional settings pages for username and groups. Instructions for groups settings can be found in the private groups section of this instruction manual. The available settings are:


You can edit your posts and comments anytime you want. For posts, the edit link is to the right of the comment count. And for comments the edit link is to the right of the permalink and reply links. Currently there is no delete post or delete comment - but you can delete content via editing.

Open Source

The source code for Peaches 'n' Stink is available on GitHub under the MIT license.

Privacy Policy

Please see our privacy policy here.

How to Contact Us

There are a couple contact methods listed on the contact us page.


We have an API, please see the API documentation here.